The Hernick Built ‘Luberator’
offers clean and efficient waste oil management, making all traditional lube equipment obsolete.

Large capacity gravity type waste oil drainer accommodates up to 20 Lube jobs with its 81 litre holding tank.

Available with optional high capacity diaphragm discharge pump adapter, and/or the 26” transmission drain bowl adapter for use with transmission work.


Part # Item Description
JH8067 Double Diaphragm discharge pump kit
JH9113 Air operated and regulated cartridge grease gun with flex whip
JH2062 Gear Oil Pump and 5 litre reservoir complete with hose and nozzle
JH9343 Coupler - waste oil evacuation system (female hose)
JH8011 Nipple - waste oil evacuation system (male unit)
JH1258 26" Transmission Drain Bowl Adapter accomodates Automatic transmission work