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Our History

Hernick Automotive Services Inc.

Jack Hernick, our company’s founder, was just out of the war when he started his first endeavor. Jack had served in the Canadian Air Force and was eager to put his skills to work. In 1948, Jack teamed up with two partners and formed Certified Automotive Products. What began as a small company selling brake rods for the Ford Model A, turned into a multi-national enterprise manufacturing and selling brake related products including their own brand of brake shoes, pads, cylinders, cables, and linings. In the 1960’s, the company grew to over 200 employees and expanded to include a factory in Jamaica to serve the South American market.

In the 1970’s, Jack and his son Stan decided to start another venture to serve the ever growing automotive industry – the company known as J. Hernick Limited. Stan had attended Engineering at the University of Toronto and used his skills to develop new products with Jack, including hoists, lubrication equipment, hoses, and gas handling equipment. Serving major national accounts like Imperial Oil, Canadian Tire, Texaco, K-Mart Auto, and Sears Auto, the team expanded the product line to reach a larger customer base.

Working with Ford-Smith, Jack & Stan developed and patented various in-ground and above-ground hoists such as the VJ-80, Flex-A-Bay, Hernick Universal Bay (H.U.B.), and Brute-Flex. They also developed other products such as the Luberator, Gaz Guzler, DynaFlush, as well as coolant system flushing products private branded and sold in Canadian Tire retail stores across the country.

After Ford-Smith was sold off to a large American company, J. Hernick Limited teamed up with Rotary Lift which was becoming a world leader in automotive lifts. This was a transition point for J. Hernick Limited as auto-service demand was growing and trends were shifting. To meet the needs of the expanding Canadian market, a second company was born which focused on service, installs, and parts. J. Hernick Limited and Hernick Automotive Services Inc. are still proudly family owned and are operated by Stan and his three sons Josh, Jesse, and Bram.

Hernick Automotive Services Inc.

Design & Layout

Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or upgrading your existing shop – we can help. Let us design and implement a solution that best fits your needs. Featuring CAD and 3D layouts.

Fair Prices &
Unbeatable Service

Our commitment to our customers is our number one priority. We offer competitive pricing, up-front and honest estimates, and around the clock service.

& Qualified

Our technicians are ALI certified, Rotary Lift factory trained and RAI certified. Our techs also have up to date comprehensive safety training, and are fully bonded and insured.

24 – 7 Emergency Service Available

Our office is open weekdays from 9am to 6pm, but our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate any urgent requests or servicing that may be needed.

Hernick Automotive Services Inc.

Our Accomplishments

In our 75+ years of experience, our company has celebrated many milestones including:

  • Multiple Patents in Canada and the US for vehicle hoists
  • Recognized as a pioneer in the Automotive Equipment Industry in North America
  • Achieved ALI Member status
  • Proud consultant and supplier for Engineering firms, Construction teams, and architects across the continent

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