Rotary Lift SPO10 Symmetric Lift

Trust the industry standard symmetrical two post lift.

For over 30 years, Rotary Lift has built quality into every two-post we’ve designed. With industry-leading features, the SPO10 delivers everything your shop needs.


  • 10,000 lbs. capacity
  • Original “Double S” column design
  • Performance tested to 20,000 cycles
  • Nationwide Support
  • ALI Gold Certified


Shockwave Equipped Rotary Lifts come standard with the SPEED, CHOICE & RETURN on investment that will help you achieve your goals of greater technician productivity and higher profits.

Designed specifically for bays where service speed is paramount, Shockwave Equipped lifts are the fastest in the world; helping you keep step with the ever changing demands in the vehicle service industry.

  • Spotline™ motion activated laser helps spot vehicles the first time
  • DC power reduces operating cost
  • 2x faster rise and descent
  • More productivity makes happier technicians

Shockwave’s patent pending DC power system gives you
lower cost, more reliable operation.

Uses two standard 24 series batteries.

Its built in battery charger uses 110v power, eliminating the need for expensive 220v or higher wiring — an installation savings of up to 80%. Your Shockwave equipped lift will even operate during a power outage.

Shockwave’s earth shattering speed is achieved through the combination of its patent pending dc power system and other tech friendly features.


Attribute SPO10 2-Stage Armsw. Flip-Up Adapters Trio Armsw. Flip-Up Adapters
Capacity 10,000 10,000 10,000
Vehicle Class 2 2 2
Overall Height 11′ 8-1/2′ (Standard)12′ 4-1/2′ (Shockwave) 11′ 8-1/2′ (Standard)12′ 4-1/2′ (Shockwave) 11′ 8-1/2′ (Standard)12′ 4-1/2′ (Shockwave)
Overall Width 11′ 5-5/8′ 11′ 5-5/8′ 11′ 5-5/8′
Drive-Thru 102-1/2″ 102-1/2″ 102-1/2″
Inside Columns 114-3/4″ 114-3/4″ 114-3/4″
Min. Bay Size 12′ x 24′ 12′ x 24′ 12′ x 24′
Min. Ceiling Height 12′ (Standard)12′ 6″ (Shockwave) 12′ (Standard)12′ 6″ (Shockwave) 12′ (Standard)12′ 6″ (Shockwave)
Motor / Voltage 2 HP, 208-230V (Standard)5 HP, 110V (Shockwave) N/A N/A
Time of Rise / Descent 45 / 40 seconds* (Standard)25 / 19 seconds* (Shockwave) N/A N/A
Rise* 72-5/8″ to 78-1/8″ (Standard)75-5/8″ to 81-1/8″ (Shockwave) 72-5/8″ to 78-1/8″ (Standard)75-5/8″ to 81-1/8″ (Shockwave) 72-3/4″ to 78-1/4″ (Standard)75-3/4″ to 81-1/4″ (Shockwave)
Front Arm Min/Max 31″ to 54″ 31″ to 54″ 30-1/2″ to 54-7/8″
Rear Arm Min/Max 31″ to 54″ 31″ to 54″ 30-1/2″ to 54-7/8″
Min Adapter Height 4-5/8″ 4-5/8″ 4-3/4″

* Rise measures lowest and highest position of the supplied adapters from floor to full cylinder stroke

Asym vs Sym


Columns are rotated 30° allowing maximum door opening on passenger cars for improved access to vehicle interior. This column rotation places the approximate center of gravity of the vehicle in line with the optimum load capability of the column, reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the column, carriage, and bearings.


Lift columns are not rotated providing more width between columns to accommodate larger vehicles and improve vehicle access – allows max door opening on trucks and vans for access to vehicle interior.

Vehicle load is centered between the columns to maximize lifting capacity.

Pads / Adapters

Flip Up Adapters

For quick positioning on a variety of pick-up points

Round Adapters

For lifting Passenger cars and Unibody vehicles

Truck Adapters

For lifting trucks and framed vehicles

Three Sets of Adapters

For ultimate versatility of pickup-points and vehicles


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Build your ROTARY LIFT SPO10

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