Hernick Built Gaz Guzler #2045
The Hernick Built Gaz Guzler

Powered by a durable air motor, the Ontario-Built Gaz Guzler is the safest choice for gas tank related repairs.  Found in 1000’s of shops acrross the country, big and small!

  • Air Motor Powered
  • 110 Litre Capacity (30 US Gallons)
  • 16 Litre per minute transfer rate
  • No Flow Safety Valve
  • Adjustable Tank Supports
  • Durable 12 Gauge Steel Housing
Hernick Built Gaz Guzler #2045
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Making a safe one man job of gas tank related repairs

The exclusive adjustable tank supports allow one technician to safely remove the gas tank from the vehicle

Gas tank work deals with a 'class 1' risk

When performing gas tank related repairs, most hazardous incidents have been proven to occur during the actual removal of the tank from the vehicle.


With over thirty years of proven reliability, the productive Gaz Guzler utilizes the same air powered motor and pump configuration as our original system.  One control lever to both drain and fill the vehicle’s tank.  Our reservoir float gauge indicates when the tank is full or discharged.  The ‘No Flow Safety Valve’ ensures that no fuel is transferred when the equipment is unattended.